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Technical Conference on Changes in the Version FSSCC 22000 v4. On September 28, Oscar Borràs, Chief Auditor in Food Safety Schemes, was invited by the Escola de Capacitació Agrària de Monells, to hold a Technical Conference on Changes in the Version FSSCC 22000 v4. 08 Nov 2017
SGS and Nature’s Fingerprint Partner to Beat Pharmaceutical Counterfeiting SGS and Nature’s Fingerprint will mitigate identity theft of bio/pharmaceutical products and patented processes. 26 Sep 2017 Business News
EU Strengthens Chemical Safety in Food Contact Plastics The EU has recently amended its ‘Food Contact Plastics’ Regulation. This amendment will be implemented in two phases starting May 19, 2017. 22 Sep 2017 Business News
SGS in Spain Becomes American NRTL SGS has been recognized as an American NRTL and can test and certify inverters, converters and other equipment for interconnected distribution generation to UL 1741 Supplement (SA). 17 Jul 2017 Features
Chain of Survival The Chain of Survival is the set of actions connecting a possible sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) victim with their survival. It encompasses the vital steps necessary to carry out a successful resuscitation. These actions include, among others, the early recognition of the emergency situation, calling the emergency services and the application of cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) procedures. 29 May 2017
Training in fire extinguishing The SGS Security School in Madrid provided training within the scope of the Law on Prevention of Occupational Risks, more specifically within Article 20 of the aforementioned Law, Emergency Measures. 18 May 2017 Business News
TRANSITION TO SA8000:2014® On August 25, 2015, SAAS with notification 4 A outlined the new revised timeline and process for organizations to transition to SA8000:2014®. 05 May 2017 Global Corporate News
SGS Spain is now recognized as a local NRTL Laboratory for UL1741 Standard SGS Spain can test and certify under NRTL program to the UL 1741 Supplement (SA) safety standard. All equipment certified under this safety standard will bear the SGS North America Listed Mark. 28 Feb 2017 Business News
SGS involved in performance test of a prototype CSP plant in Maroc SGS have been working with Airlight to develop a suitable Performance Test Protocol for their prototype CSP plant in Maroc since 2015. 01 Feb 2017 Customer Stories
SGS and W2M agreement On Wednesday, January 18th, formalized the agreement joining W2M and SGS on a 3-year Health & Safety project for the audit of all its suppliers on the grounds of safety and risk management. 24 Jan 2017 Customer Stories