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Comprehensive Support for Aircraft Transitions

SGS provides technical consulting and advisory services for aircraft and engine asset management and safety regulations. Our experts have a track record of impressive achievements and represent international airlines, CAMOs and MROs. We will improve your delivery process and methodology, so you can ensure compliance and get the best value for your assets, saving you time and money.

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We offer unrivaled experience in all areas of aircraft leasing.


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We combine global coverage with local knowledge.

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Comprehensive Program Management

We cover the entire lifecycle of your asset and the surrounding regulations.

Technical Assistance Records Audit

The records review is the most time consuming element of the redelivery process. We will carry out the audit separately from the aircraft inspections and collect all aircraft records to ensure they comply with the terms and conditions set by the lease agreement and regulatory authorities.

Aircraft End of Lease Technical Assistance

We will examine the physical condition of the aircraft, including the main airframe units and its components, systems and cabin interiors. Oher services include NDT service inspections with 24/7 response, technical and safety audits and on site factory inspections.

Performance Assistance Services

SGS experts will perform tests to demonstrate to the operator and lessor that the operation of the aircraft and all its systems is satisfactory and complies with the terms and conditions of the lease.

Certification Assistance Services

Our world leading certification services enable you to demonstrate that our products, processes, systems and services are in compliance with national and international regulations and standards, so you can trade in your target markets.

Contract Management

SGS offers consultancy and support for contract negotiations. When the contract is being drafted, we will assist with negotiations and advise on the conditions. Our professional aviation team will provide the latest insights and advise on asset values and trends, industry cycles and how to best maintain the value of your investment.

Aircraft Asset Appraisal and Value Optimization

Valuation is a complicated task. We deliver independent valuations by using our knowledge, databases, owner calculations and experience of maintenance costs to determine the adjusted market value of your assets. Our end-to-end support includes aircraft and engine value appraisal, airworthiness evaluation, fleet management services and end of life management.

Airworthiness Services

We offer:

  • Focal point AMOS/TRAX/FLYDOCS layout
  • Engineering support
  • Technical records support

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