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ECOSECURE certification from SGS – a supply chain management solution that demonstrates the quality, compliance and environmental credentials of your footwear and leather products by monitoring and controlling the quality of raw materials and chemicals at an upstream level.

Proving that your footwear and leather products are environmentally sound and safe for your consumers to use is essential. Our ECOSECURE Certification is a global benchmark to confirm safety compliance at product and/or component level via factory audit and chemical testing.

Our factory audit evaluates the quality management system and encourages implementation of an effective chemical management system with accurate traceability across your supply chain. In turn, this ensures consumer safety and demonstrates the control of restricted substances in consumer products.

Chemical testing ensures certified products and components are free from hazardous substances, which act as a final safeguard before they reach the consumer. ECOSECURE certification demonstrates that your footwear/ leather products and components conform to strict regulatory requirements and consumer expectations.

Why choose ECOSECURE certification for footwear and leather products from SGS?

Brands who integrate the ECOSECURE certification at product and component level will benefit from:

  • Effective supply chain management, from component to finished product
  • The ability to source and select certified components
  • Improved product quality through upstream level management, and continuous monitoring
  • Reduced risk of product recalls
  • Enhanced brand image, reputation and a competitive edge

Manufacturers choosing ECOSECURE certification will be able to:

  • Demonstrate commitment to consumer safety compliance
  • Differentiate products from competing suppliers, hence increase competitiveness
  • Demonstrate that products are environmentally friendly

A global benchmark in footwear and leather product certification from a leading provider

As a world leading certification provider, we offer you unrivaled experience and expertise, and a unique global network. So from Hong Kong, China to Guangzhou, Shanghai to India, Vietnam to Turkey, we can provide you with the ECOSECURE footwear certification mark wherever your operations are based.

Plus, our participation in the development of international, industrial and regulatory standards keeps you up-to-date with the latest changes in safety requirements and testing methods.

Our ECOSECURE service includes:

  • On-site factory auditing: including factory system reviews, document verification, operational control and assessment of raw material suppliers
  • Chemical testing: ensuring your products conform to global product regulations, recognized industrial standards and chemical specifications
  • A strict monitoring system: ensuring the continuous compliance of your certified footwear. In order to enhance system transparency and traceability, an online certificate tracking system, known as the Certified Clients Directories, has been developed to allow consumers to acquire information about all components and products.

To find out more about our ECOSECURE footwear and leather product certification, contact us today.