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SGS is a trusted partner in oil sands technology, and we are able to work with you to provide the core processing and handling services you need. 


Our wide range of oil sands core handling services, including on-site core viewing and inspection services, photography, laboratory analysis and specialized services, give you the data you need to assess your project and have it grow to its full potential.

SGS professionals combine oil sands technology with expertise from a broad range of related disciplines. Our strict quality control, fully-equipped laboratories and in depth understanding of the oil sands industry ensure that the results of your analyses will be reliable, accurate and accepted by stakeholders around the world.

SGS’s comprehensive core processing services include:

  • Reception and homogenization
    Your core is transferred directly into -20°C freezers when it arrives at SGS’s laboratories. We store the core in your containers until processing starts, to avoid sample mix-up. Your core is frozen to avoid oxidation and moisture loss and is homogenized prior to analysis. 

  • Sample Tracking
    Core is entered into a computer database and then tracked. Test results are tracked in our secure database throughout all analytical procedures.

  • Core Processing
    SGS has developed an innovative dry-cut core processing method that eliminates potential contamination during cutting. This technique results in the most accurate and reliable results possible.

  • Core Photography
    Using SGS’s custom digital photography facility, we can document 600 meters per day, ensuring a permanent record.

  • Core Annotation
    The digital images of your core are annotated with down-hole distances, sample intervals and other features of interest. These files are then used by your loggers to record lithologic information.

  • Core Logging
    Our core logging area is set up to allow you and/or your contractors secure and confidential access to your core. You or your subcontractors can log your own core and take advantage of our core sampling service. 

  • Sampling & V-Notching
    Minimal oxidation and water loss is the key to representative oil sands core sampling. The SGS v-notching sample process conducted on frozen core samples results in the most representative samples possible.

A thorough understanding of oil sands chemistry and geology, coupled with our secure, state-of-the-art laboratory facilities makes SGS your ideal choice for your oil sands core processing. Contact us to learn more about our oil sands capabilities. We can provide the reliable, representative results you need.