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There are times when the industry is stymied and projects cannot move ahead until technical challenges are met. In such cases, the technical experts of SGS can be called upon to develop new technologies that address these issues for the mining sector.


We have earned the reputation as a technology partner, helping you address challenges that limit your growth. As a result of such applied development, we can bring new approaches to the table.

Recent developments include:

Mobile Metal Ions (MMI™)

MMI™ is an advanced surface exploration technology that is enabling companies to explore areas that have previously been unsuccessful for surface geochemistry. Companies can target buried deposits with deep soil cover to discover newer and bigger hidden ore deposits.


Geometallurgy significantly reduces the impact of spatial uncertainty in mine planning because it documents the variability in a deposit. The data is applied to the deposit block model or mine plan and models are used to generate economic parameters such as throughput, grind size, grade and recovery. This lowers project risk.

Cyanide Recovery

SGS has been instrumental in developing, and improving, processes for safely recovering cyanide from solutions or tailings. We have the technical expertise and capital equipment to work with you to develop and demonstrate the safest, most effective process for recovering the cyanide from your gold circuit.

Stockpile Inventory Measurement

Stockpile Inventory Measurement is a scientific/instrumental method using state-of-the-art technology to determine volume of raw material in a stockpile. It is an independent, accurate method trusted by sellers and buyers globally.

The innovative technologies that SGS provides can help companies solve problems due to:

  • Complex mineralogy
  • Legislation (especially concerning the use of cyanide)
  • Very fine mineral grain size
  • Overwhelming presence of penalty elements
  • Large tonnage ore body, with metal grades too low to be economic with current technology

SGS’s philosophy is to initially apply traditional, proven methods and technologies to industry challenges. However, we have the expertise and equipment to provide technical leadership when new technologies are required for a difficult project. Partner with SGS for new solutions to old problems.