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Madrid-Barajas Airport’s performance causes an impact in the surrounding areas in certain aspects. One of them is the olfactory aspect, due to the fact that, both hydrocarbon storage and airship traffic, are activities that imply polar volatile organic compounds that produce odours.
The finished researched performed by SGS has allowed to establish if there is or is not an odour malady in Madrid-Barajas Airport’s surrounding neighbourhoods (Barajas town and Urbanización Embajada) caused by the takeoff, landing and airship on wheels traffic.
This research has been developed through two main issues:
Inmission’s olfatometric sampling campaign, sampling analysis and odour concentration levels. Emission-inmission relationship through through the selective sampling of airships in the research areas within the airport facilities, simultaneously with inmission points. SGS has developed the odour research for November and December 2006 with the olfatometric’s state-of-the-art technology as well as a highly experienced and specialized human team, all within the scope of UNE EN 13725 Regulation.