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SGS’ Environmental Department technicians imparted this week a Seminar on the new regulation project for Environmental Responsibility, environmental risk analysis, environmental responsiblity insurance and corporative social responsibility, destined to Gibraltar’s Asociación de Grandes Industrias del Campo de Gibraltar. The main issue discussed in this Seminar centered on an analysis of the possible implications this new Environmental Responsibility Regulation (approved by Ministerial Council in March 2007), transposing 2004/35/CE Directive (in force since April 30th 2007), will have on the companies. The probable statutory regulation of the Environmental Responsibility Regulation in Andalucia’s region was analysed, and the new “environmental damage” concept that the Directive and the Regulation has created was discussed, too, particularly issues related to economical bails a great number of companies will have to subscribe in the next years in order to prevent their possible environmental risks.
The basic concepts of environmental risk assessment through 150.008 EX) Regulation, already used as a referential in several Autonomous Regions, were exposed in this seminar, too.
SGS presented an environmental risk assessment tool based in a Geographic Information System that allows the companies to have a dynamic and easy to update risk assessment. This makes up a great advantage, due to the fact that both the Autonomous Administration and insurance companies need frequent updating of their environmental risk profiles. At the same time, it enables them to simulate changes within their facilities, observing at what level those risks are modified so the necessary economical investments can be prioritised. The Seminar came to a finish discussing on near-future Sustainable Management and Social Corporative Responsibility tendencies.