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In this section you will be provided with summaries of latest changes of standards and specifications related to POL products as well as other technical news related to the sector.

Summary of POL-related standards published in fall 2012: 

  • Analysis of lubricants: ASTM D2273-08 it has changed to ASTM D2273-12 (Reapproved) Standard Test Mehtod for the trace of sediment in lubricating oils.
  • Aviation fuels: ASTM D7719-11  it has change to ASTM D7719-12 Standard Specification for  high octane unleaded test fuel due to the new biomass definition: biological material, including any material other than fossil fuels which is or was a living organisim or component or product of a living organism.
  • Aviation gasoline: ASTM D6227-10 Standard Specification for grades UL82 and UL87 unleaded aviation gasoline has changed to ASTM D6227-12 Standard Specification for unleaded aviation gasoline contaning a non-hydrocarbon component, due to revised title of standard and added definition of "non-hydrocarbon" (compound or compunds composed of carbon, hydrogen and other elements such as O, N, S and P). 
  • Jet Fuel: ASTM D1655 11b has changed to ASTM D1655-12 Standard Specification for aviation turbine fuels, due to revised title of Appendix X2 and added X2.3. 
  • Stability and Cleanliness: ASTM D873-02  (Reapproved 2007) has changed to ASTM D873-12 Standard test method for oxidation stability of aviation fuels (potential residue method) due to relevant information added to the previous version.