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SGS and  Fundación Biodiversidad have developed the “GREEN BUSINESSES NETWORK” project as part of Programa empleaverde, framed within the 2007-2013 Adaptability and Employment Operational Programme

In GREEN BUSINESSES NETWORK, those business initiatives born under the new sustainable economy environment to reply to the current socioeconomic and environmental reality will find their space.

Its main goal is to promote the creation of companies or new lines of businesses in activities related to the environment and to channel the investments towards sustainable economic activities.

GREEN BUSINESSES NETWORK will support green business ventures and will promote activities related to the environment that affect all sectors of the economic activity, from the primary to the tertiary sector, with a wide provision of green services to offer and contribute to:

  • De-carbonate economy and reduce greenhouse effect gas.
  • Reduce energy, raw materials and water consumption via eco-efficient strategies.
  • Avoid or minimize the generation of contaminants and to promote waste reduction, reuse or recycling.
  • Market products designed to minimize their ecological impact through their life cycle (ecodesign).
  • Value a territory’s natural resources, supporting their sustainable exploitation.
  • Preserve and reestablish biodiversity (spices, spaces and ecosystems).

In conclusion, all activity is a sustainable activity, potentially. The following sectors are examples where green companies perform their activity:

  1. Ecologic agriculture and cattle industries
  2. Natural spaces’ management
  3. Waste water treatment and purification
  4. Waste management
  5. Renewable Energies
  6. Forestry areas’ management
  7. Environmental education and information
  8. Industrial and services’ internal environmental protection activities
  9. Environmental Research +Development + Innovation
  10. Third Sector
  11. Environmental services to organizations and other bodies
  1. Comunication and information technologies
  2. Sustainable Rehabilitation-Edification
  3. Sustainable tourism
  4. Specific activities related to Climate Change adaptation and appeasing
  5. Sustainable transport and mobility
  6. Automotive sector
  7. Biodiversity economy
  8. Agroenergetic farming
  9. Industrial ecology

GREEN BUSINESSES NETWORK project aims to green entrepreneurs, such as professional workers, very small or medium sized companies, small or medium sized companies currently developing new green business initiatives or starting one of them, including new business lines.  Also investors and financial backers interested in getting from their investments not only an economic profit but a positive environmental and social repercussion, and that reside in one of the following Spanish regions: Andalucía, Castilla la Mancha, Galicia and Extremadura.

In SGS, to promote organizations creation and new green lines of businesses, we offer the following free actions: 

  • Online platform GREEN BUSINESS NETWORK, as a meeting point for entrepreneurs, investors, financial backers and others with interest in green business venture. As part of the “emprendeverde” Network as Group: GREEN BUSINESS NETWORK.
  • Physical support with GREEN BUSINESSES OFFICES for customer attention and advice.
  • “CREATE YOUR GREEN BUSINESS” Training courses (mixed mode).
  • GREEN BUSINESSES MEETINGS to gather investors and business managers. 

If you are interested, please request the following documents: Guide for green businesses creation and Guide for the green business investor.

t: +96 186 89 44                      
f: +96 186 89 71