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High tension power lines regulation training from SGS updates your knowledge and understanding of current regulations, Royal Decree 223/2008 and UNE 211006.

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Learn about the inspection regimes for the installation and maintenance of high tension power lines in accordance RD 223/2008, published by the Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Trade. RD 223/2008 repeals Decree 3151/1968 Regulations for Overhead Lines High Tension. One of the main changes in RD 223/2008 is the inclusion of the underground lines, which were not mentioned in the old decree.

Designed for managers in the industry, our training course will guide you through the new decree and its technical instructions (ITC-LAT 01-09) to conduct high voltage power line inspections for verification, prior to commissioning and periodic maintenance.

Training objectives:

  • To understand the inspection requirements of the Decree
  • To be able to explain the testing methods for overhead and subterranean  power lines, such as ITC-LAT-05 and UNE 211006

All attendees will study:

  • Legal Framework: Description of RD 223/2008, of March 19, on Technical Conditions and Safety Guarantees High tension  and technical instructions ITC-LAT 01-09
  • ITC-LAT-03: Authorized Installers and Installation Companies Authorized to Power Lines
  • ITC-LAT-04: Documentation and commissioning of high voltage lines
  • ITC-LAT-05: checks and inspections for overhead and subterranean power lines
  • UNE 211006: Trials before the commissioning of electrical cable systems high voltage alternating current
  • Studies: Practical examples of trials Lines
  • Management of equipment needed to carry out inspections or audits

Why choose high tension power lines training from SGS?

Our courses are delivered by tutors who are experts and experienced trainers. Your knowledge and skills will be developed through an interactive and practical approach to learning.

Contact us today to book a training course, or to find out more information about our High Tension Power Lines Regulation training.