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Training for PTI personnel from SGS – ensure that your staff perform inspections in compliance with RD 920/2017.

Highway in the dark

RD 920/2017, which came into force on May 20, 2018, regulates statutory vehicle inspections. We offer training for those who wish to be authorized as personal inspectors in accordance with the requirements and obligations of this regulation.

What our courses offer

Our training courses will provide PTI personnel with the necessary knowledge and skills to perform their jobs properly, in compliance with RD 920/2017. Learners will gain a clear understanding of:

  • Revisions to the inspections procedure manual for PTI stations
  • Concepts and methodology related to audits and procedure reviews

Available courses

  1. Inspection Procedure Manual Section I. Light Vehicles
  2. Inspection Procedure Manual Section II
  3. Inspection Procedure Manual Section III
  4. Periodical inspections of school transport
  5. Personal inspector training for non-periodical inspections
  6. Introductory training for rating inspectors, based on RD 920/2017
  7. Procedure manual and regulation updates

Our courses are mainly intended for PTI staff at businesses and vehicle inspection centers. They are delivered at SGS facilities.

Why choose training for PTI personnel from SGS?

We offer:

  • Extensive experience in developing and managing training programs, including more than 25 years’ experience in PTI staff training
  • A team of highly qualified, experienced trainers with professional backgrounds in PTI
  • Comfortable, spacious facilities for in-class training and machinery adapted for practical training with different types of vehicles
  • Training that is adapted to meet the needs of the automotive sector and help ensure compliance with the regulations in force
  • A combination of training methodologies, including team work, case studies and practical work on real vehicles
  • Training activities that can be applied in real-world on-the-job situations
  • Training materials that are continually updated in accordance with changes in legislation and regulatory frameworks as well as innovations in the field.

Contact us today for more information about training for PTI personnel.