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Valencia’s General Hospital was a pioneer in EFQM Model quality self-assessment (1999-2000) in Spain. As results of this assessment, an action document was issued to ensure the hospital’s viability and the process aimed at the issuance of a General Hospital Strategic Plan was started.

This Strategic Plan, from which more than 86’7% of its actions has been executed, allowed undertaking the necessary actions to be performed for 2002-2005 time period. Once this period was finished, a new self – assessment has started, allowing the analysis of what has been performed and to guide the hospital’s future.

Knowing all strong points and the possible areas to improve in an organisation make a starting point for improvement plans in order to continue towards the continuous improvement of quality.

The results show the hospital has improved in its final score for most of their criteria, where in the first self-assessment process was 221 while the second score showed 389. This score allows the Hospital to opt for the “European Quality” level EFQM granted by Club Excelencia en Gestión, Fundación Europea para la Gestión de la Calidad’s representative in Spain.

The European model has a global nature, covering all aspects of the hospital’s performance. It allows a comprehensive approach to all development processes and to all structural levels, prioritizing the person and its integration within the community.

This model significantly contributes to the improvement of service performance, places customers in a core place and introduces the concern for results obtaining and motivates the staff to commit themselves with the creation of a new company.

One of these quality methodologies’ main aspects is their spreading amog all organisation members and, at the same time, allowing the highest participation levels available. Under this nature, more than 200 hospital members have participated directly in the management of this second self – assessment.  

Companies that provide medical services have to be more and more competitive. They have to provide a fast and efficient service, with a good management system, with competitive costs, always serving all needs and preferences of patients with quality… because quality does not only affect the final result but all processes and products taking part in the implementation.

SGS es líder mundial en inspección, verificación, análisis y certificación. Está considerada como principal referente mundial en calidad e integridad, contamos con más de 75 000 empleados y con una red de más de 1 500 oficinas y laboratorios por  todo el mundo.