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SGS is developing a revolutionising project in Spain with petrochemical companies in Tarragona. Such organisations are represented by AEQT, with a whole of 35 organisations like BASF, DOW CHEMICAL, BAYER, REPSOL PETROLEO, and REPSOL QUIMICA. This project sets a safety management qualification system for all AEQT organisations through audits performed to the companies that usually take charge of their facilities’ maintenance. To achieve this, SGS has designed a safety management continuous improvement system via development of procedures and audits to such suppliers.
Project details:
The project is based in the creation of a safety-related management system for the qualification and monitorisation of maintenance organisations. Such system is based on:
SGS’ initial audit: this audit tries to confirm the compliance with safety-related criteria stablished by AEQT. Creation of a monitorisation committee with SGS, through threemonthly meetings to evaluate data given by maintenance companies and AEQT organisations and possible incidences reported to ensure a proper performance of the implemented system.   Yearly revision to value its efficiency and state goals for the following year so the continuous improvement of the system is ensured. Monitorisation biennial audits on the maintenance organisations to ensure they keep up to the demanded level. Creation of a webpage for AEQT with different levels of access and informing of all the process to the participant companies, starting from an application allowing the interchange of documentation between AEQT companies and common maintenance organisations.