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The new Environmental Responsibility Regulation, at the present in draft status, is just about to be approved. This new regulation transposes the relevant 2004/35/CE Directive, and executes the principle of “those who contaminate, have to pay”, applying strong demands for the prevention and environmental risk control of a specific labour.
This layout develops an issue that provokes great concern among companies’ managers, due to the fact that it will force them to manage the possible environmental risks in their facilities, keep the administration of the company constantly updated with information, and meet all costs derived from environmental damages caused by their staff, among other duties.
In the seminar that took place last February 27th in Gijón, SGS gathered all actors in the implementation and further development of the new Environmental Responsibility Regulation, with the attendance of Principado de Asturias’ Environmental Quality Service Manager as well as representatives from Asturias’ business network, such as HIDROCANTABRICO, ALCOA, NESTLÉ, or GRUPO DURO FELGUERA, among others.
This seminar covered all aspects of the new regulation: from the Directive’e European Frame and its transposition to Spanish reulation system to the Environmental Risk Assessment’s technical methodology and risk management tools, as well as an analysis of financing guarantees available according to this regulation.
The regulation will come to effect from April 30th 2007, so all operators working within the regulation’s scope of activity, more than 5.000 organisations in Spain, including those subjected to Comprehensive Environmental Authorisation (Prevention and Contamination Comprehensive Control 16/2002 Regulation), will be responsible for all environmental damages caused from this date.
An essential tool that answers all requirements derived from Environmental Responsibility Regulation is the ENVIRONMENTAL RISK ASSESSMENT, which methodology is defined in the UNE 150008:EX.
Some of the services provided already by SGS for the industrial sector are:
Environmental Risk Assessment according to UNE 150008:2000 EX Regulation Implementation of a organisational environmental risk management dynamic tool Support for Premature Detection of possible risk situations Determination of implementation and investment’s hierarchization criteria