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Source: C. Cabrera/ IDEAL de JaénThe enhancement of the province of Jaen’s highways goes on, the last measures taken after Andalucía’s Junta commissioned the building works of a new section of Autovía del Olivar (comprised between Mancha Real’s variant, at present in execution stage) and the intersection between A-316 and A-6000 to Torrequebradilla. The commission of this new section se has been given to GEA-21 S.A., with a total cost of €11,9m. The Technical Assistance and Building Works Management duties have been given to SGS with a total amount of € 624.000.
The new section will consists of 5,4 km, moving along Mancha Real’s municipality. The beginning of the section is situated in kilometric point (pk) 29 at A-316, once passed the T intersection A-6000 that goes to Torrequebradilla, and the end at pk 34, where it connects with Mancha Real’s north variant.
In great part of the section, which has a total length of 5.370 metres, the duplication of the existing carriageway is going to be performed. The proposed sections along the variant aim to correct curves with very reduced radiuses.
Two lanes by direction
This new section will have the characteristics of a carriageway, with two lanes of 3,5m for each direction, external hard shoulders of 2,5m and internal hard shoulders of 1m, and a 6m width median. Also, there will be two service lanes, one at each side of the carriageway, with 5m width and two-way traffic, which mission is to detect all the local traffic from neighbouring properties and channel it to a sole connection point with the carriageway. The only existing link is placed in the connection A-6000 and belongs to the next section, from Torrequebradilla to Puente del Obispo.
It is worth to mention the two structures to be built within this section: the first one will ensure the continuity to Cordel la Cuevezuela and Pozoblanco, the only rural road affected by the layout. In order to save Arroyo Salinilla’s riverbed, transversal draining works will be performed to elevate the level line of the highway at the end of the course, by the connection with Mancha Real’s north variant.
90 municipalities benefited
About 800.000 inhabitants, residing in more than 90 municipalities, will take benefit from the construction of this new carriageway, gaining access in less than 25 minutes to a greater capacity course. The Intermediate Diagonal Axis or Autovía del Olivar means a sure bet towards the economic development of Andalucía’s hinterland.
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