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Cruz Roja Española renewed their certification for NGO Benchmarking with SGS, demonstrating their sustained commitment to transparency and best practices. The certification was also expanded across autonomic, provincial and local levels, and certified Cruz Roja Española’s compliance with the nine dimensions of good practices and four comprehensive assessment perspectives aimed at continuous improvement and results efficiency.

SGS awarded the NGO Benchmarking certificate during the organization’s National Committee event.

Since 1863, Cruz Roja Española has been actively undertaking preventive, support, rehabilitation, and development actions in Spain, largely through volunteers. The organization aims to help the needy and vulnerable groups, defend human rights and the environment, fight racial discrimination in favor of ethnic minorities, and participate in cooperative missions in underprivileged countries.

NGO Benchmarking is a management tool specifically designed for non-government organizations to address the need for independent assessment of their processes and performance. The assessment is conducted during an audit, in accordance with objectively verifiable criteria which has been developed from best practices and codes of conduct, as well as internationally recognized quality standards.

For more information on NGO Benchmarking Certification Services by SGS, please contact:

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