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Toxicological risk assessments from SGS address the risks associated with exposure to potentially hazardous substances.

a bucket of various types of cleaning products

The toxicity of substances used in products is a primary concern to today’s customers, who require reassurance that products will not damage their health or wellbeing. This is an issue that businesses ignore at great cost: besides the direct impact on individuals, mistakes damage brand integrity and a business’s position in the marketplace, ultimately impacting on profit.

Our toxicological risk assessment services highlight possible adverse risks to customers’ health (e.g. skin/eye irritancy, skin sensitization) by assessing a product and its ingredients against available information on in vitro tests, animal studies and epidemiological data. Our aim is to mitigate risks at an early stage and prevent future hazards. Where information is not available on a particular ingredient, our laboratories provide access to product toxicity testing to determine whether the ingredient poses a significant risk.

Toxicology consultants are available to advise which services are most suitable to meet your particular requirements. Moreover, all assessments and tests are conducted to meet the requirements of regulatory bodies across the world, so you can be sure your product will not stall when you release it to new geographic markets.

A TRA is not a legal requirement for detergent and household care products. Raw materials have already been assessed and toxicity/hazards are included in the manufacturers’ Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) and detergent products are labeled accordingly. However, we can recommend the best course of action according to the product category, destination/target market and client specifications. A TRA including, for instance, a use test under medical supervision (dermatologist, ophthalmologist) could help with a product’s claims support.

By choosing the most appropriate assessments and tests, we can help maintain your brand integrity and ensure your detergent and household care products are safely equipped to achieve their best in the marketplace.

Employ SGS to conduct your toxicological risk assessments. Contact us today.