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Chromium VI solutions from SGS –restricted substance controls reduce the risk of contamination to leather and leather products.

Softlines and Accessories

Hexavalent chromium, commonly known as chromium VI, can be formed inadvertently as an unwanted by-product during leather tanning and leather product manufacturing, storage and shipment.  Chromium VI is a known carcinogen and is corrosive to skin. As a result, it is prohibited in many countries. Protecting products against chromium VI is a complex issue, failure to do so can be expensive. Chromium VI found in products can increase costs significantly in terms of wasted production, additional storage and transport costs, as well as the risks of products being rejected by customers, potential product recalls and brand damage.

To enable the supply chain to take the first step in controlling the issues surrounding chromium VI, we offer a comprehensive range of solutions, including:

Chromium VI prevention awareness training

Introducing brands and retailers, as well as their suppliers, to how chromium VI can be formed is a critical part of ensuring that final products conform to legal requirements. This training is designed to ensure that attendees are given a clear and uncomplicated understanding of the cause and prevention of one of the most problematic restricted substance areas within leather. 

On-site chromium VI prevention assessment

We have developed an on-site assessment which allows tanneries as well as leather goods production sites, such as footwear and garment manufacturers, to assess where chromium VI may be produced in their facilities and take appropriate steps to reduce its formation. Where room for improvement is identified, we will recommend appropriate remedial actions.

Chromium VI testing

Routine testing of leather and leather containing products is a fundamental part of ensuring that consumer products conform to both legislation and customer requirements. We can deliver a range of testing services, including component and final product chromium VI testing, as well as accelerated ageing chromium VI testing, to assess the likelihood of chromium VI forming during storage and transport to the end consumer.

Why choose chromium VI solutions from SGS?

We are a trusted, independent third party service provider. We provide a single source for tailored consumer goods services, consulting solutions, training and technical support to reduce risks, improve efficiency and quality.

Protect your business, your clients and end consumers from the risks associated with chromium VI. Contact SGS to find out more about our range of restricted substance solutions.