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Many product returns, recalls and other problems that occur once a product has been released onto the market can be prevented through careful risk assessment and product integrity engineering early in a product’s lifecycle.

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With this in mind, SGS’s product design analysis services raise important questions at concept stage. Is your planned product feasible, safe, and of a sufficient quality? We take a detailed look at your product design to highlight potential problems and propose solutions before you invest time and money in production.

Product feasibility analysis service

We conduct a preliminary review of your idea to assess its feasibility, identify potential defects and detail a test protocol. Conducted at the earliest opportunity, the review can be carried out on a conceptual drawing, a technical drawing, an existing prototype or an actual product.

Product safety review service

When we test your design for safety, we do more than merely check that it will meet mandatory or voluntary regulatory standards. We understand that a product that meets regulatory expectations can still pose a danger to customers, and we highlight all potential hazards and suggest solutions.

Product risk assessment services

We conduct a detailed review of potential areas of concern for your design, measuring against legal and voluntary standards and your own specific requirements. Again, we work with you to come up with solutions to change your product for the better.

Product line review

If you have multiple products or designs for consideration, we can screen them to highlight which are likely to be problematic in the future and compile a list of tests you can use to better understand each product during production.

Product specific research

Alternatively, we can focus on specific products or technologies to provide you with a better understanding of likely production challenges, drawing on our own tests and broader research around your topic.

Product benchmark/performance testing service

To get an insight into how your proposed product is likely to peform on the market, we can compare your prototype or product with existing products. As our service is fully flexible, we can conduct tests according to industry standards and your own criteria. We can also carry out performance test to see how your product will perform over time or under use and abuse conditions.

Whether we create a comprehensive program for you or you use our individual services, our aim is always to help you achieve the best from your product by reducing risk and increasing customer satisfaction and ultimately increasing sales and maintaining your brand integrity.