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SGS announces its new recognition in Spain as an American Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory (NRTL). This new recognition allows SGS Spain to do both testing and certification for inverters, converters and other equipment for interconnected distributed generation in network support functions, making more intelligent and safe interconnections possible.

SGS Spain can test and certify under NRTL program to the UL 1741 Supplement (SA) safety standard. All equipment certified under this safety standard will bear the SGS North America Listed Mark.

The second edition of the UL 1741 standard, (updated on: September 7th, 2016) makes a distinction between two types of equipment:

  • Utility Interactive Inverter
  • Grid Support Utility Interactive Inverter (GSUI)

This new edition for UL1741, “UL1741 ed2 sep2016", including the supplement “SA”, makes it possible to improve the general requirements established in the standard IEEE 1547. The new updated UL 1741 SA standard allows for GSUI equipment to stay connected despite network stability issues; this allows for the system to stabilize itself, adopting better overall device efficacy.

Also, in the United States, certain states where a large number of solar power plants are being installed, are now issuing their own network interconnection requirements to be verified using testing methods marked by UL1741 SA. Some examples are:

  • California, Rule 21
  • Hawaii, Rule 14

California has recently announced UL1741 SA as a compulsory requirement for PV inverters.

Having the NRTL recognition really compliments the global certification needs for solar energy manufacturers. We now have the ability to test and certify solar energy products for over 45 countries, helping our manufacturers sell their products on a global scale.


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