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SGS has given Qualicert service certificate to PATIM’S Therapeutic Body, turning them into the first organisation with such characteristics in Spain to get this certification. Qualicert is a seal accrediting the quality of the provided services by the Residential Detoxication Unit “Los Granados”, located in the outskirts of Castellón. SGS has supervised the process, in which also a number of experts in the addiction’s area have collaborated and an audit has been performed in order to verify the observance of all legal requirements.
PATIM, created in Castellón in 1985, is a non-governmental organisation dedicated to the prevention, assessment and treatment of addictions. It is largely composed by a human team expert in psychology, health, sociology, law, pedagogy, antropology, journalism, etc., and provides services such as assistance, insertion, training, promotion of volunteering and citizen participation for those “in a situation or in risk of being in a situation of suffering any kind of addictions in any of its symptoms”.
In relation to PATIM’s preventive area, the service called Aula Abierta encompasses all activities related to training of both volunteers and proffesionals and it is developed in collaboration with different universities. The centre supports those treatment orientations that view insertion as a complete process, as well as the establishment of a Tutelated Residential Unit (URT), similar to the tutelated flat.
Also, in relation to the assistance process, PATIM has created the Unit of assessment and support for patients with legal problems (UVAD). It is not only a service directed to patients needing to prove their addiction during trial process, but also providing a monitoring for the judge that sentenced the alternative or security measure. UVAD already has a space within the police offices to verify the drug addiction at the moment of the detention.