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How can you help preserve our heritage for future generations?

Protecting and preserving our heritage for future generations to enjoy requires specialist skills, knowledge and facilities. Non destructive (NDT) testing examines the condition or quality of an article or structural element without damaging it.

Protect and Preserve

SGS recognizes the richness of our heritage and the need to preserve the historic legacy it provides. As part of our Non Destructive Testing Laboratory services we have established a Heritage Service, focused on restoration and conservation.

With extensive experience of material characterization our laboratories provide clients with a broad range of multi-disciplinary services from identifying an article’s structure and composition and understanding what is or may be causing degradation to designing a program of activity to ensure preservation.

Whether you organization is a public body, a company within the restoration and preservation sector, an antique dealer, art gallery or restoration product manufacturer, we can offer NDT services including:

Non Destructive Tests Laboratory

  • Photographic techniques – image galleries showing different ranges of the spectrum:
  • Hi-res visible spectrum
  • Infrared
  • Ultraviolet
  • Industrial Radiography – can be carried out either at our own facilities or on your premises:
  • X-Ray and  gammagraphy
  • Material Identification via X-Ray fluorescence
  • Infrared Thermography –  the detection of humidity, cracks and material distribution
  • Ultrasound – the detection of discontinuities in the material
  • Eddy Current Test
  • Leak testing

Materials Laboratory

  • Chemical Testing – chemical composition determination of stratigraphic samples via chromatographic techniques (TLC, GC-MS, HPLC
  • Metallographic Testing:
  • Microstructrural Characterization of metals and alloys
  • Micro and Macroscopic Exam of alloys and welds
  • Scanning Electron Microscopy Exam
  • Mechanical Testing in metallic, stone and ceramic materials
  • Climatic Tests:
    • Salt Spray Corrosion Tests
    • Xenon Aging Tests

Metrology and Calibration Laboratory

  • Control and maintenance of environmental preservation conditions measurement equipment

Building and Geotechnics Laboratory

  • Building pathologies investigation

Contact your local SGS office to find out more about our NDT Heritage Service.